Privacy Policy

Chapter I General Provisions

I. To safeguard the order of M Mandarin community and better protect the lawful rights and interests of users, these Regulations are formulated based on existing laws and regulations and M Mandarin User Agreement.

II. This platform will, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and user registration protocol, coordinate relevant administrative and judiciary authorities to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of persons whose rights were infringed.

III. In case of any doubts or disputes on the understanding and implementation of these Regulations, please ask us for explanation or handling.

Chapter II Code of Conduct for Users

Users shall obey M Mandarin User Agreement and relevant laws and regulations when using contents sent by M Mandarin. In the event of any violation in such contents, treatment measures shall be taken per the extent of violation once founded. Violation includes but not limited to:

I. Releasing harmful information, mainly including:

(I) Information harmful to national and social security per existing laws and regulations, mainly including:

  • Contents violating the basic principles determined in the constitution;
  • Contents endangering national security, divulging national secrets, subverting national regime or destroying national unity;
  • Contents inciting ethnic hatred or ethnic discrimination or destroying ethnic unity;
  • Contents destroying national religious policies, propagating heresy or feudal superstitions;
  • Contents disseminating rumors, disordering social order or destroying social stability;
  • Contents disseminating gambling, violence, homicide, terror or instigating crime;
  • Contents inciting illegal assemblies, associations, demonstrations, marches, mobs or disordering social order;
  • Contents insulting or slandering others or violating others’ lawful rights and interests;
  • Other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations.

(II) Insecure information, including contents may cause losses to users’ property or information security, which mainly covers:

  • Relevant contents linking to phishing sites;
  • Relevant contents linking to Trojan horse virus sites;
  • Relevant contents relating to potential risks and stealing privacy information of users, etc.

(III) Obscene or sexual information, mainly including:

  • Disseminating obscene or sexual contents, including but not limited to prostitutes, one-night stand and sex partners;
  • Sending sexual words, videos or cartoons in forms including but not limited to the above;
  • Sending edge or implicit sexual contents to attract users.

(IV) Violence contents

  • Disseminating violence, terror and sanguinary contents;
  • Presenting contents that describe abuse of teenagers, children and the old, etc
  • Selling, showing and producing explosives, etc.
  • Taking, producing and selling addictive narcotic and psychoactive drugs prohibited by national regulations. Reference: Catalog of Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs
  • Selling, showing and producing lethal tools of imitation guns, bolts and controlled knives, etc.

(V) Gambling contents

For-profit gather-gambling, selling gambling devices and contents relating to gambling audios and videos.

(VI) Illegal articles

Prohibited articles banned for sales for our country.

(VII) Illegal software and hardware

Contents including Anti-censor tools, tapping software, Internet TV stick and pseudo base stations.

(VIII) Rumor contents

Contents may damage others, enterprises or other institutions by making up information harmful to others’ reputation, sending false message and fabricating rumors.

(II) Acts Violating Regulations

(I) Junk for-profit marketing messages violate regulations, affect user experience and damage users and the community to great extent, so handling measures may be taken to the account based on its extent of violation, including:

  • Engaging in selling fans and corresponding business;
  • Engaging in activities of harassing products like brushing comments, republishing, likes, ## topics and search;
  • Transmitting large amounts of ads to others via non-human power methods such as machines or software;
  • Meaningless or duplicate information grasped and transmitted by machine means.
  • Others interfering the normal order of M Mandarin with the help of system bugs, including usurping accounts and enforcing to be followers.
  • Transmitting large amounts of contents containing advertising to users that interfere the auditing platform.
  • Releasing contents containing false and junk ads like online part-time job hunting.

(II) User dispute-type regulation violations, mainly including:

  • Content plagiarism, mainly including publishing others’ originally-created content and not indicating the source or indicating republishing.
  • Tortious broadcasting, mainly including rebroadcasting, false rebroadcasting and recording broadcasting of any contents subject to third-party copyrights without prior authorization or approval of the obliged or the third party (including but not limited to TV plays, movies and other works created in forms like movies.
  • Harassing other persons, mainly including using comment, @other persons, personal letters, asking for following and other methods repeatedly sending duplicate or similar information, or information with the same appeals to other persons.
  • False authenticated user identity, mainly including

    1) Access to identity authentication of M Mandarin by forging files and providing false information;

    2) Incompetent real and authenticated user identity.

(III) False ads, mainly including

  • For-profit deceptive ads, such as false job-hunting ads aiming to defraud personal money and informati
  • Information relating products without produce date, certification and manufacturer that not follow national laws and regulations, such as health care products, drugs, food and cosmetics subject to false exaggeration of weight loss, heightening, breast enlargement and skin whitening but not working anymore.
  • Promoting and selling counterfeit and shoddy products or ads subject to fictitious promise on products and services.
    1) Forging or falsely using quality marks and license marks including authenticated marks, brand marks and exempted inspection marks;
    2) Forging or using false places of origin;
    3) Forging or falsely using plant names and addresses of others;
    4) Passing off the registered trademarks of others;
    5) Adulterating or mixing with improper elements, passing off as a genuine or quality goods;
    6) Goods that are expired or deteriorated;
    7) Unreasonable risks endangering human health as well as personal safety and property security;
    8) Stated indices that are unconformable for real indices;
    9) Goods prohibited by national laws and regulations from production and sales.

Chapter III Processing Principle and Feedback Channels

I. Processing Principle:Where contents published or acts taken by the user violate the above Regulations, processing measures including warning, prohibiting posting and account cancelling shall be imposed based on its violation.

II. User Reporting: In case of any content or act violating the user's code of conduct, please report on the user, comment, and posting page to M Mandarin.

III. Handling Process for Disputes and Complaints of Personal Rights and Interests: In the event of infringement to user rights including portraiture, reputation, honor, name and privacy, feedback per Handling Process for M Mandarin Disputes and Complaints of Personal Rights and Interests may apply.

Chapter IV Supplementary Provisions

I. User words and deeds shall not violate laws and regulations including the Computer Information Network and Internet Security, Protection and Management Regulations, Administration of Internet Information Services Procedures, Administration of Internet Information Services Procedures, Decision of Safeguarding Internet Safety and Provisions for the Administration of Internet News Information Services.

II. Contents published by users on M Mandarin only shows their own standpoint and view, not the view or standpoint of M Mandarin. As the publisher, users shall be responsible for its video contents and related remarks and assume all liabilities for disputes arisen from herein. M Mandarin shall not undertake any legal and joint responsibility.

III. Please refer to relevant national laws and regulations for issues not mentioned herein and in case of any conflict between this agreement and national laws and regulations, the latter shall apply.


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