Terms of Service
Please read this agreement carefully for Manga Mandarin App platform will provide services in accordance with the following terms and conditions. Thanks for reading the User Agreement for Manga Mandarin App platform (hereafter referred to “the Agreement”). Terms and conditions stated herein shall apply to all tools and services provided by Manga Mandarin App platform (hereafter referred to “the Services”).
Confirmation on Terms of Service

Manga Mandarin App platform will render services in accordance with these terms of service and their revisions. These terms of service shall have the legal effect of the contract law.

In case of any objection to any terms herein, you may not register; if you click “register” and pass the registration procedure, you are deemed to voluntarily accept all terms of the Agreement and become a registered member of Manga Mandarin App Platform. When using Manga Mandarin App platform, users shall agree to accept all information services it provides to members.

Member Account and Password
Registration Information and Privacy Protection
The ownership of Manga Mandarin App platform account (namely Manga Mandarin App platform user ID) shall be subject to Manga Mandarin App platform. Upon completing registration application procedures, users will be given the use right of Manga Mandarin App platform account. Users shall provide timely, detailed and accurate personal information and constantly update the registration information to be in line with timely, detailed and accurate requirements. All the originally input information shall be used as registration information. Manga Mandarin App platform shall not be liable for any problems or consequences arising out of untrue user registration information.
Users shall not transfer or lend their accounts or passwords to others. Please notify us immediately if you find any unauthorized use of your account.
Manga Mandarin App platform will not disclose or provide user registration information to the public or any third party, unless it:
Manga Mandarin App platform will collect your personal identification information when you are registering its account, using its products or services or visiting its webpages and use them to improve services and webpages provided to you.
User Rights and Responsibilities
Only an individual or organization meeting one of the following conditions can successfully register a Manga Mandarin App platform account and use the services hereunder:
You are responsible for the confidentiality of your password and account and for all actions performed under your password and account.Each account is for personal use only and is not transferable.You agree to:
You agree to indemnify and hold Manga Mandarin App platform and its partners and affiliates harmless from and against all claims, requirements or losses to any third party, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from any violation of the Agreement or relevant Terms by you. In this regard, Manga Mandarin App platform has the right to take measures based on the user act, including but not limited to deleting the released information, suspending the permission, terminating the services, limiting the use, recalling Manga Mandarin App platform account and holding accountable by law. Manga Mandarin App platform has the right to recall the account in the event of malicious registration or use for illegal acts, disturbance, harassment, fraudhood and violation to the Agreement. Further, the Company will coordinate to investigate as required by the judicial department.
Users shall not duplicate, copy, sell, resell or use any part of Manga Mandarin App platform in any way for any other commercial purpose.
Users shall be responsible for their acts when accessing to Manga Mandarin App platform. Users shall bear legal liability in forms including but not limited to: indemnifying sufferers and equally the Manga Mandarin App Platform Operator, which has borne the liability for administrative penalties or infringement damages arising from the user’s act.
Intellectual Property Rights


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